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Discover our universe for your shoot

Looking for a special plant, a flower characteristic, rare or tropical, old and contemporary elements for a set? You need to find a prehistoric plant? Les Jardins de Gally Events adapt to your requirements… from the most specific to the most simple.

Situated near the Chateau de Versailles, 20 minutes from Paris, we offer our natural locations: sod farms, nurseries, lawn planted with large trees, plantations of 50 hectares, fields of flowers, vegetable gardens and orchards...

Indoors, Les Jardins de Gally Events propose to organize your shooting sessions in one of our greenhouses (from 50 to 700 m²) where we can gather the necessary materials and design your set.

We have a unique stock of products dedicated to your market: plants and objects for decoration, reconstructed trees, and materials, giant tropical trees or local greenery from our regions.